Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vermont's lowest scoring schools announced

The Burlington Free Press published this article.

According to the Burlington Free Press the 10 most 'persistently low-achieving' schools in Vermont are:

• Bridport Elementary School

• Fair Haven High School

• Johnson Elementary School

• Mount Abraham Union High School

• Northfield Elementary School

• Otter Valley High School

• Rutland High School

• Windsor High School

• Winooski High School

• H.O. Wheeler Elementary School (now called Integrated Arts Academy)

The top 3 school districts I get the most phone calls from parents wanting to start homeschooling are:

1. Fair Haven
2. Rutland
3. Wallingford


Stephanie said...

My state (Utah) has been the worst rated in the country for a while, now. (Not sure about very recently, as we've opted out. :) )
Like 187 kids per teacher, or something. ;)

Cindy Wade said...

Notice these stats weren't released until AFTER our Vermont town meeting day. If voters had known this information before voting day they may have not been so quick to pass school budgets. Sneaky is as sneaky does!