Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kansas City Announces Major School Closures, Layoffs

Kansas City Announces Major School Closures, Layoffs

$50 million deficit! they come!


Arby said...

Watching the Kansas City school district is like watching a long, slow motion train wreck. It’s fascinating if you remove the human factor – all the children growing up with a poor education. The KC School system has had almost as many superintendants in 30 years (19) as the Chicago Cubs have had managers (24), and you can see where that has gotten the Cubs! The one thing that the parents who relentlessly harangue the school administration never address is the role of the family in supporting education. You cannot legislate good parenting.

Cindy Wade said...

When I was in public junior and senior high school (7-12) we had 5 different principals within those 6 years. I thought it was normal until I got into high school and realized something was amiss. About my sophomore year it dawned on me that we students were pawns in a much larger political game of power and money.

Everything I needed to know to do well in life I was learning back home on the farm and out in the community. What I learned in school was who the 'enemy' was and I've been initiating my tactical strategy to defeat them ever since. (smile)