Tuesday, March 2, 2010

State takes custody of 7-year-old over homeschooling

State takes custody of 7-year-old over homeschooling

Make a stink over this folks! It doesn't matter this is happening in Sweden. This is a familiar scene in America as well, I know, I've seen it first hand.

"In an online statement at the time, Johansson said, "While we may do things differently than most Swedes, we have not broken any laws and we have not harmed our son. We decided as a family that we wanted to move to India where we could be near my wife's family. But the government has taken over my family, and now we are living in a nightmare. I fear for the life of my wife under this torture and for the well-being of my son who has only been allowed to see his parents for a few hours since he was taken. The government is alienating my son from me, and I am powerless to do anything."

Social workers think they are GOD! All the ones that I've met are miserable, self-serving, bitter elitist. They are some of the most dangerous people to walk this planet because they abuse their authority and know how to get away with it. I haven't met a social worker yet that gave a rat's ass about the welfare of children and I've met many of them. They were all on some sort of ego trip and were more concerned about their job security and the power that comes with it!

Make a BIG stink over this!!!

World Net Daily has done a great job of following this story and has a long list of links so that others can learn more.

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