Wednesday, March 28, 2012

If integrity was a thunder mug public school teachers wouldn't have a pot to pee in

Watch out folks, I'm coming out swinging.

Those who teach in the pubic schools for a paycheck have far less integrity than a parent who teaches their young out of love. There, I said it.

Think about it. Would all those union backed teachers be in the classroom if teaching was a calling? A calling implies divine influence. In my experience the majority of public school teachers are where they are because 1) it's the only life they know, having been in a classroom all their life; 2) they have become so embedded in this decidedly rank system so long it's their only means of putting food on their table or paying their mortgage; and 3) without much effort or caring their union provides them with job comfort and job security.

Homeschooling parents, on the other hand, share a special bond with each of their 'students' and make their decisions based on love, not on some far-fetched notion of what their boss has mandated. Parents grow with their children. They are with them at every age and every learning stage of that growth. Public school teachers are locked into particular age groups and subject matter. Where is the growth or enlightenment in that?

Don't be telling me pubic school teachers care about the children entrusted to them. There is no way you can care deeply enough about the past, present or future of a child unless your are part of that child's continuous world into adulthood. Would you still care if your paycheck stopped arriving to your bank account? Certainly not. You'd be out the door seeking money for your next credit card or student loan payment, or you'd be crying to your union leaders to keep the taxpayer's money flowing to your wallet.

The public school's phony-baloney excuses and blather about vested interests, socialization, accreditation and teaching credentials no longer work. Parents are the ones with the true stake in their children, families and community, far more than schools could ever be. The splendor is children instinctively know this and they can see the public school will never have their best interest at heart.

So, to all you disingenuous public school teachers out there please stop telling me you have a calling. It is not!. Stop referring to the children as 'our' children. They are not! You are not some sort of divine intervention brought about by the loving hand of a deity. You are simply an employee backed by a ruthless union that has squandered the innocence and intellect of countless children over the years. It is time for this unmitigated and unchallenged thuggery to stop. It is time to mothball public schooling.

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Michael said...

Love it, love it, love it! When you started by saying "...I'm coming out swinging", I knew I was in for a great article.