Friday, February 18, 2011

15 year old publicly humiliated by mom for bad grades in school

"Holder said she has tried other approaches, like taking his cell phone away from him, but nothing has worked."

Has she tried homeschooling him in a loving, nurturing environment?

Just exactly what lesson is this mom teaching her son? This is wrong on so many levels. Leaves me wondering what her attitude and grades were like in school. Why didn't she just put him in stocks in the town square? Oh, wait, that could be considered child abuse. And this isn't? Children learn what they live.

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Happy Elf Mom said...

Well, she's at least trying. She's not beating him or withholding food like some parents have done.

It wouldn't have been my choice, though I'm not sure this lady knows all her choices or has a husband who would support the idea of homeschooling. The news story would *seem* to indicate she is a single parent.

And... I know single parents, even in poverty, homeschooling... but that would take extraordinary commitment on the part of the child as well. Am I allowed to blame the absent father in this story? Mom sounds like she is absolutely at her wit's end.