Sunday, February 27, 2011

Guerrilla Homeschooling honored with Stylish Blogger Award

A gigantic yet humble thank you to Linda Dobson from Parent At The Helm for honoring Guerrilla Homeschooling with the Stylish Blogger Award. We're flattered to have such a well known and respected homeschool advocate think highly enough of our blog to recognize us with this honor.

This award requires some participation. As a recipient each person is expected to share with others 7 things about themselves and pay this award forward to 15 other blogs of their choice. In case you're just the least bit curious about me...

1. I gave up an acting career to have my two beautiful children and become a full time mom.
2. I'm longing for a Morkie puppy.
3. Biking and swimming are things I love to do but I don't like swimming in oceans or lakes because of the critters I can and can't see swimming along with me.
4. I joined the US Army in 1972 and graduated from basic training at the top of my class.
5. Ducks and horses are my favorite animals.
6. The first and only photography contest I ever entered I won. My entry was a black and white untitled photo of a ragamuffin child with an old man.
7. I'm a closet (dark) chocoholic and I don't like to cook.

Now, to pay this award forward. The following 15 blogs are definitely worthy of the Stylish Blogger Award. Most are homeschool related but a few are just some of my favorites with valuable information and I enjoy reading them. They are:

1. Parent At The Helm (yes, I'm paying it forward and back to Linda's terrific blog)
2. Home Education Magazine
3. SurvivalBlog
4. Spunky Homeschool
5. Swiss Army Wife
6. The Unschool Bus
7. The Survival Mom
8. Learning Through Living
9. Fish In My Hair
10. Rickshaw Unschooling
11. Almost Unschoolers
12. Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers
13. Skipping School
14. Paratus Familia
15. Homeschool Buzz

Congratulations to these 15 blogs and their bloggers. You have my kudos for giving us enjoyable and informative blogs I am proud to share with others.

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