Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rule #8: Don't Taser Your Wife's Kid!

This is unbelievable. Is this guy still a state trooper? Who in their right mind tasers a 10 year boy even upon the kid's request? What a creep. But, get this, the big story is that Sarah Palin is being blamed for trying to fire this nut case when, in fact, Palin's husband stood up for his nephew and sister-in-law the way any real man would have.

This annoys me because I've been re-reading some of my posts about how some homeschool moms have fought so hard against corrupt officials to protect their children and this creep tasers a 10 year old step-child. Then the press wants to crucify his sister-in-law who is running for high office because she thinks he's unfit to serve as a state trooper. Did this idiot trooper graduate from public school? That would explain alot!!!

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Shawn said...

Probably an Obama supporter too.
I would have lost respect for Palin had she not tried to fire the guy.
Don't taze me bro!