Monday, October 13, 2008

Dungeon Children

I remember the 'pit' at a local junior high school when I did my student teaching. It was a small windowless room where children were sent in some sort of pathetic attempt to get them to conform to the school's outrageous and unjust policies and rules. Needless to say my student teaching experience did not lead to a career as a public school teacher. In fact, I homeschooled both my children from birth.

I thought the 'pit' was harsh and a deliberate attempt at harming children but this form of public school punishment is over the top. How would the teachers and administrators at Ridgewood School in Doncaster, England like to spend a few days in this room?

The dad says his son won't return to this school if he has to spend a day in this 'dungeon'. Let's see if he holds his ground or gives in to the school administrators. The crime? His son let the air out of another boy's bicycle tires. Huh?

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