Monday, November 19, 2007

Twilight Zone!

Last fall, on what turned out to be a gloriously warm and sunny day, I was walking downtown in the early afternoon with my children, ages six and two. I suddenly became aware of an eerie silence and a noticeable absence. Although the hum of traffic could be clearly heard and the movement of busy shoppers and business people zig-zagging up and down and across the streets caught my eye, I still felt there was something, or stranger yet, someone missing. It was children!

No where in sight, besides the obvious presence of my two offspring, were there any children. It was as though the Pied Piper himself had previously gone before us in the wee hours of the morning luring each and every youngster up the steep and winding Route 4, beyond Pico, up Killington mountain and into the bowels of the earth. Not a single child's delightful laugh or giggle could be heard, nor were there any chubby little faces with bright eyes to look into other than those who were accompanying me.

Ah, but then I remembered. Those children, whose presence I so fondly missed, were being held back from society and were hidden away behind fireproof doors and tinted windows for the sake of their education. Held back and hidden from the warm sun that my children were feeling on their cherub-like faces. Held back and hidden away from the companionship of their mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters who love them most and best of all. Held back and hidden from life's little lessons, wonders and experiences.

The moment made me pause. Then realizing there was little I could do to free those children, my two descendants and I quietly moved on to our next adventure.

Cindy Wade

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