Friday, November 23, 2007

Freedom To Choose

Home education is not for everyone but choice is! We all need the freedom to choose in order to fulfill individual needs. Whether it be home education, private schooling, public schooling, or another alternative, we, as American citizens, should and do have a choice. Neither the Federal Government nor the powerful militant labor union, known to us as the National Education Association (NEA), have the right to deny us that choice. In a nation that is nearing the day when it is unlawful to desecrate our American flag but okay for administrators and legislators to tear our U.S. Constitution to shreds, it is imperative we have a nation of freely educated minds. As an outspoken advocate of home education I find it necessary to 'rattle a few cages' now and then.

Home education works for our family. My nine year old daughter reads on a seventh grade level because of it. I know what works best for my children. The State and Federal governments do not. I gave birth to my children. The State and Federal governments did not. Their father and I will raise them. The State and Federal governments will not.

Children are very capable beings. With proper guidance, nurturing and encouragement from their parents and family they can blossom into unique and caring adults. They are not empty vessels to be filled up with facts. We do not need to get them 'ready to learn' because children are 'born' ready to learn. The schools cannot and should not ever replace the family.

I am a veteran. I served stateside during the Vietnam war. I tended to injured soldiers upon their return from Southeast Asia while working in military hospitals. I also tended to their dependent children in the pediatric wards. If someone wants to stomp on our flag then, I say, let them but don't stomp on their 'right' to do so! (Our flag is symbolic. A bra was too in the 1960's and people burned them...not that I have any desire to burn a flag) Our constitutional rights are different. Freedom is a state of mind. The spirit cannot be incarcerated. We're forgetting our history. Worse yet, those of the politically correct persuasion are rewriting it for us.

We are forsaking our U.S. Constitution for socialist ideals. Home education gives us back the freedom our U.S. Constitution guarantees. Home education gives you back your family and the responsibility for raising your children. Home education gives you back the element of time that is needed to heal and create a balance in your life and the lives of your children. Whether it is home education, private schooling, public schooling, or another alternative, it is your choice. Choose wisely but don't let anyone take your 'freedom to choose' away from you.

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