Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Homeschooling Journey: A history of what I encountered along the way

23 January 1997

"In spite of Hillary Clinton and her village theory; in spite of Uncle Sam and his big 'nipple'; in spite of Goals 2000 and Outcome Based Education; in spite of the militant labor union--the National Education Association; in spite of the leadership that lacks integrity in this nation and in this state, we, the parents, can and will educate our own children. Our nation is led by a man who didn't inhale and our state is led by a man who inhaled too much! If integrity was a thunder mug, our president and our governor wouldn't have a pot to pee in."

Cindy Wade, a speech given November 9, 1996 at the State Capitol in Montpelier, VT


After three and one half years Cindy Wade, a homeschooling mother of two children and an outspoken advocate of educational choice, continues to defy the system by not registering her ten year old daughter in the local public school or in a state run home study program.

Ms. Wade was served truancy notice on December 10, 1996 at her home in E. Wallingford, VT, but no further action has been taken on the part of the school district's superintendent, Henry Burnham.

Ms. Wade is publisher of 'Right At Home', a nationally distributed home education newsletter. In her last edition she explains her reasons for her non-compliance with the state's mandatory attendance law. "Frankly, as I see it, it's none of the state's business and the U.S. Constitution guarantees me the freedom to educate my children as I see fit. I see fit to homeschool with or without the state's permission. I refuse to allow the state (which is being strong-armed by the public schools who are in cahoots with the NEA) to oppress me any longer," says Wade. "The state has no constitutional right to take away my freedom to educate myself and my children. It does not serve the state to force my children into an institution that impedes their learning and only serves to mold them into compliant little worker bees and oppress them into a life of servitude. Compulsory attendance is a form of slavery!"

Wade feels strongly that public schools are not educating children as they claim to be. Instead they are "experimenting" on children in the guise of educational reform. Wade says, "Ever hear of America 2000? It's the educational 'air bag' of the 90's!" She says she will continue to fight the compulsory attendance law for however long it takes. All the way to the Supreme Court if need be.

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