Monday, November 1, 2010

What is happening in Delaware sounds much like Vermont...and every other state in the Union!

We the People of the First State from Friends of Christine O'Donnell on Vimeo.

If Peter Shumlin gets elected as governor here in Vermont I'm turning in my tax number to the next Secretary of State. I absolutely refuse to collect any more money for the state of Vermont. I'll do my business out of state. If my nephew, Jason Gibbs, is elected the next Secretary of State here in Vermont he will have his hands full just keeping 2 steps ahead of a corrupt administration until Vermont finally goes belly up, even then the Democrats will blame that on the Republicans. The Republicans will reciprocate. No one will be happy here until there is no more money in retirement accounts, the treasury, or the economy and we're all living in the next depression. My husband now has to work 3 months out of each year just to pay property taxes on our 1 acre homestead, our 1 acre rental where we subsidize our 83 year old mom's living (and that of her 91 year old husband), and on a small commercial building that doesn't even have septic or water. We simply cannot continue this way. My wonderful husband has to work 1 week out of every month EVERY year just to pay the other remaining taxes we must pay. Why should we bother to continue doing this? It's killing him (literally) and we've had enough of politics for this lifetime! 

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