Saturday, November 6, 2010

Homeschooling – The Costs

Homeschooling – The Costs

Again, homeschooling only need cost as much or as little as you're willing to spend. The reality for many families is that homeschooling is simply an extension of day to day living. Most families already have a house full of books, learning materials and comfortable furniture. There is no need to purchase 'school' materials or furniture.

It is mentioned that some homeschooling families have a mom with a college degree but she has given up the opportunity to make money outside the home. When a family actually calculates what the cost of working outside the home is most will find the added income, after taxes and expenses, is minimal or at a break even point. You can't put a price on the value of a mom staying home with her children for the first 18 years of their lives. Being a mom (and a stay-at-home mom) is already a full time job that needs our complete attention.

The key approach to homeschooling is to RELAX. Sometimes the best learning tools are the simplest objects around the house and not the latest plastic gizmo or electronic gadget. Some of your child's best teachers will be grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, sister and brother. Save your money for more important things like that special family trip to Disney or a good used van for free field trips around your neighborhood with family and friends. Life is actually simple. Try to keep it that way.

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