Sunday, January 10, 2010

Didn't give up my rights in the first place

Judy Aron seems to think we need to grovel for our rights in her article Arresting Developments.

The US Constitution supersedes state law. These parents were well within their constitutional, parental and God-given rights to homeschool without state matter what state they were living in. The state of NY is WRONG and so were the school officials and cowardly sheriff who arrested the parents.

Laws change constantly. One day you can't teach a negro to read and the next day you can. One day you can't marry your same sex lover and the next day you can. One day you can hang a murderer and the next day you can't. One day you can take a cow up in an air balloon and the next day you can't. We all know laws are written and passed for the pleasure and power of the few who have deceitfully brokered their way into the legislative assemby. Authorities only pay attention to the archaic laws that will garner them the most power, prestige and money.

More parents should stand their ground and refuse to give up their constitutional, parental and God-given rights. Only then will those in power understand their tyranny will not be tolerated and THEY must change the laws to favor the rights of the people or eliminate the laws that hinder those rights. It is NOT up to the people to grovel and hound legislators into allowing us to keep our rights.

Fortunately, a situation like this in NY serves to expose the corruption and lies of the school, the sheriff and the legislature...and the ignorance of Judy Aron.

Aron quotes Deborah Stevenson saying: "
It is time for all parents to wake up and look at what has been happening and to take back their right to control the education and upbringing of their own children." Well, excuse me, but I never gave up my rights in the first place so why should I grovel to take them back? We simply kept our children out of public school and their rules be damned.

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Judy Aron said...

Sure - you have God given rights.. but the States through the 10th amendment in the US Constitution, can regulate education and thus can through the legislature demand anything they want unless you fight to stop idiotic laws from being instituted in the first place. The Supreme Court already decided that

No one is asking you "to grovel" but you sure as heck better keep an eye on what your state laws say.

While the U.S. Supreme Court said, in dicta, in Pierce v. Society of Sisters, 268 U.S. 510, 534-535 (1925), that the "liberty of parents and guardians" includes the right "to direct the upbringing and education of children under their control”, the court also held that the State retains the power “reasonably to regulate” the education of children.

What is important to remember when one reads excerpts of these court cases is that (1) parents do have certain inherent rights in the upbringing of their children, (2) notwithstanding the inherent rights of parents, states also have certain rights to regulate the education of children if they choose to do so; but (3) it is the right of states and not the right of the federal government to regulate education. It is because the states do retain the authority to regulate education that we must be work together in each state to reduce the amount of regulation as much as possible.