Saturday, November 15, 2008

Archives 9/28/06: Need a good laugh? From the Democratic The Onion That is Home Schooling by Michael Harris

While poking around on the net I found this 9/28/06 ignorant article in the archives of the Democratic Underground. Michael Harris attempts to portray homeschoolers as racists and separatists with The Onion That is Home Schooling. What a hoot! Check out some of the nitwit responses after the article.

I guess I'm a separatist since I kept my children out of public school so they wouldn't be subjected to idiot teachers and the kids in the neighborhood known for destroying private property, their inabilities to read, write or calculate, and for harassing elderly citizens in the middle of the night. That isn't exactly the sort of education or socialization I wanted my children exposed to.

Mr. Harris wins a belated Dork Award for his writings.

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