Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Families Homeschooling In Gainsville, Georgia

You gotta love it! All around the country more and more families are catching on to the benefits of homeschooling. News articles about homeschooling are on the rise also. This positive article about homeschoolers of Gainsville, Georgia is inspiring.

"We chose to home-school for a number of reasons. First, I had a burning desire to keep my children safe
spiritually, physically and emotionally," said Kellie Stewart, a Flowery Branch resident who has been homeschooling her four children for the past nine years."

Hurray for this mom. These are some of the best reasons for homeschooling today with all the incompetent and dangerous public schools in this country. This mom is doing her job of keeping her children safe!

Stewart also says: "When placing our child in the public school arena, we immediately felt displaced. It was as if he was no longer ours. The school officials made decisions for him for most of his daily waking hours, but also for how our family time would be used." (my emphasis)

There is hope for this country after all.

Then, Jim Sargent, Hall County school system director of student services adds his ignorant opinion by claiming parents are simply keeping their older children at home so they can "go out to work to help support the family or to take care of younger siblings to cut down on child care costs." due to a worsening economy. That has to be one of the most nitwit comments on homeschooling I've ever read. Sargent is being awarded the Guerrilla Homeschooling Dork Award.

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