Saturday, December 29, 2012

10 Reasons Why The Government Hates Homeschooling

Ever wonder why your local public school and your state officials give you such a difficult time about your decision to homeschool? Ever wonder why your state homeschooling laws are so draconian and absurd, or why they even exist at all? Your local, state and federal governments, backed by the greedy teacher's union, despise homeschooling and here are 10 reasons why:

#1. Freedom. Homeschoolers are free to choose what their children learn, who their children learn from, how their children will learn, where their children will learn, and when their children will learn about sensitive and controversial subjects. Homeschoolers are free to travel at any time of the year and are not locked into a public school calendar. They can make doctor, dentist and personal appointments for any time or day of the week, without needing permission from school authorities or having to report to them after the fact. Homeschoolers are free to focus some or all of their attention on any given subject, occupation or activity of their choosing. Once homeschoolers get a taste of this kind of freedom they have little, if any, desire to use a union controlled public school system that stifles their unburdened lifestyle.

#2. Time. Homeschooling actually gives you more down time in which to think, make plans and act on your interests. Without rushing out the door everyday to meet the demands of a school centered life, families have time to get to know each other and work toward goals that benefit them, not the government school. Homeschoolers are in control of their time and can choose to fill it, save it or waste it.

#3. Choices. Homeschoolers have more choices and are free to make them. If their chosen curriculum isn't working, they can change gears in mid-stream. The same goes for everything else in their busy lives. Don't like your neighborhood? Homeschoolers can choose to live where they want and not worry about whether or not the local school is safe or academically challenging. Having more choices allows homeschoolers to feel less compelled to follow the herd.

#4. Health. Homeschoolers tend to live a healthier lifestyle, which is something the big pharmaceutical industry finds repugnant. By studying health on their own terms, homeschoolers are discovering what constitutes good health. They can explore the benefits of alternative medicine and take charge of their family's well-being. 

#5. Love. With more freedom, more relaxed downtime, more choices and better health, there tends to be more love and trust in the close-knit homeschooling family. Some of that love and trust naturally spills over into the community where homeschoolers can take care of their neighbors and friends. Unlike the artificial and mandatory community service the public schools expect from their population, homeschoolers voluntarily perform deeds out of kindness and fulfill the needs of their community because they want to. No matter how hard they try, public schools can't replicate homeschooling. Homeschooling works well because it's about the home and not the schooling.

#6. Money. In spite of what some say, money can buy you happiness because it can give you peace of mind when you know how the money game works, and you can generate enough to make life comfortable. Just don't abuse it and it won't abuse you back. Homeschoolers are free to learn the truth about real money, fiat money, currency and how the world bankers have manipulated money for centuries. Public schools teach you how to become consumers and good employees. Homeschooling lets you open up a whole new world of living with or without money. Homeschoolers are free to find better ways to create wealth and how to use it to improve their lives. With knowledge of the monetary system, homeschoolers can be less dependent on government for their needs and their very survival.

#7. Alternative Media. There are many more outlets for news and information than there were even 20 years ago. Homeschoolers are free to tap into that information at all hours of the day or night. Many homeschoolers are creating their own resources for information and are making an impact on others who no longer trust what the mainstream media or government tells them.

#8. U.S. Constitution. Homeschoolers can study the United States Constitution in depth. They can spend their every waking hour pouring over the Federalist Papers, Bill of Rights, biographies of the Founding Fathers, historical records concerning the development of our republic, and whatever else peaks their curiosity. Homeschoolers are free to research true history and not the revisionist version found in today's politically correct public school system.

#9. The 2nd Amendment. Once homeschoolers get a taste of freedom there is no returning to the rigid hoop jumping they experienced in the artificial world of public schooling. This applies to many aspects of American life, including the medical industry, the food industry, and the monetary system. Our constitution provides us protection from government tyranny but only the 2nd Amendment provides us the means to act on it. Any attempt to abolish this amendment from our constitution is no less than an act of treason and an act of war against the citizens of these United States of America.

#10. Spirit. The indelible human spirit is nothing short of amazing. It takes a Herculean effort to squash it, but our government has found ways to do just that with welfare programs, legally drugging children, fluoride, vaccines, chemtrails, political correctness, election fraud, GMO foods, abortion and on and on. Homeschoolers are able to maintain or restore their human spirit and dignity when they walk away from government influence or control. A stronger spirit leads to a greater spirituality and awakening of the human psyche. Without the chains of government bondage homeschoolers are free to explore the world and understand how it all melds together in one cohesive existence. Homeschooling has the ability to take you far beyond the level of rational thought and can introduce the human spirit to a whole new realm of thinking that one can only imagine. 

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Linda said...

Maybe the main reason the government hates homeschoolers is because we prove that the system is not always best for everyone. I homeschool my child with a superior education, more material learned, for less money,(we use lots of free resources online like, fewer governmental resorces, (doesn't cost me $11,000 a year to educate my child) and I encourage her to think for herself (maybe that is the biggest threat of all?) Maybe being less dependent (and less beholding) to the government makes them nervous.
I try not to be radical, after all, I just want what I think is best for my child. At any rate, I bid you happy homeschooling