Saturday, December 29, 2012

Quote: Jack Hatfield

"Homeschooling statistics, whether you agree or not, are but a shadow of true homeschooling. Once the facts get removed from the dark and the apparent hegemony against homeschoolers stop, parents that truly care will understand, this is a lasting freedom that breaks the cycle of sameness."     Jack Hatfield

Got that? "...a lasting freedom that breaks the cycle of sameness." That is profound. 

Jack Hatfield is the founder of Homeschooler Hub, a social network for homeschoolers and author of Blessed with Tragedy: A Father's Journey with His PreeMiracle.

Kudos to a man who is changing lives for the better. Thank you, Jack.

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HomeschoolerHub said...

Thank you so much for quoting me! You also are one of America's new heroes! It is going to require a brand new education to get back to the old thinking that freedom is amazing and should not be taken lightly!

I want to invite all your readers to our, that's right, OUR SOCIAL NETWORK -! We can chat, post and be with like minded people that are fighting to maintain our freedoms!

Thank you again Cindy, we will do great things!