Friday, November 30, 2012

Washington state public school spins coffin as isolation booth

No matter how you slice this crap pie, it's still a padded coffin and children are being stuffed into it as a disciplinary tactic. Some people are just evil and this is sick beyond words.

In case you were wondering why hordes of children are coming out of public school so screwed up they can't function in today's society, this is just one of those many reasons. Maybe it's time to start locking the teachers and administrators in these so-called isolation booths to see how they like it. Think it would change their ridiculous behavior? 

If you locked your child in a closet like this at home you'd be arrested for child abuse, so why is the school allowed to get away with this shit? Heck, you'd probably even be arrested if you did this to your dog. No decent parent would allow their child anywhere near a school that does crap like this...PERIOD! 

This is a coffin, no matter how you spin it! The people responsible for putting a child in this contraption are evil. The person who created this contraption is evil. The person who installed it is evil. The person who ordered and authorized this upright coffin is evil. The parent who gives permission to use this casket on their child is evil. 

What have we become when we lock children away in a padded, darkened box simply because the adults they are depending on to keep them safe, have decided they cannot deal with them any other way? Parents need to get their children out of public schools now. Even associating with this evil institution makes me question your sincerity as a parent to nurture and protect your own child from these evil psychopaths.

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