Thursday, July 8, 2010

Endorsing my nephew Jason Gibbs for VT Secretary of State

I'm endorsing my nephew Jason Gibbs for Vermont Secretary of State. I know his background and how he grew up. Jason grew up as a several generation Vermonter (yes, that has meaning); learned his work ethic from his hard working dad who retired from both GE and US Army Reserves; and Jason's mom took charge of his education without giving it over entirely to the public school system. Jason is mild-mannered, caring and loves his home state with a passion. Jason will have my vote in August and again in November 2010!

Jason grew up with homeschoolers in his family. He has 3 first cousins who are homeschool graduates and understands the need to protect our freedoms. He was Press Secretary to the Governor when homeschooling came out of the shadows and became mainstream in this state. Jason has high hopes for streamlining the Secretary of State's office which will benefit Vermont families who own or want to start a business. The best thing our government can do is get out of our way and let us exercise our freedoms. Jason understands this. I look forward to voting conservatives into the top government positions this election cycle so that Vermont families may succeed financially and educationally.

Go with Gibbs!

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