Tuesday, October 2, 2012

'Learn Free' is 14 1/2 minutes of pure joy!

This sweet 14 1/2 minute ditty is titled 'Learn Free' and is an unschooling documentary. These parents have captured the true essence of what unschooling is all about.

Kudos to all who produced this little uplifting video of pure joy!
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Tessa said...

That was really great. Thanks for sharing! We're in our first year of homeschooling. We haven't discovered our niche yet and are still feeling things out. I've already begun to doubt myself, at times, as to whether I can teach my 5-year-old anything when I have a 3-year-old and 21-month-old wanting my attention simultaneously. I know thing will get easier with time and that we'll probably change things up many times throughout this journey. I love seeing things like this to remember the fundamentals of the choice I've made to keep my kids home. Thanks again!

Cindy Wade said...

It took us a long time to just leave ourselves open to letting life unfold. At first we had the special 'room' with desks, learning stations, black boards, etc. When I look back now I realize that was more a hindrance than help.

The best part of home-based education is the freedom to stop what you're doing if it isn't working and try something else. You also learn alongside your children which makes you a stronger and more knowledgeable advocate for them.

To us 'unschooling' was all about NOT doing things the way the public school did. We made a conscious effort to NOT test, grade, label, or use school terms.

We also decided we were better off to associate with like-minded people. Those that opposed us, doubted us and mocked us were kicked to the curb side or ignored. Eventually, we didn't need to keep proving them wrong because we discovered how natural, beneficial and successful unschooling was for our family.

Good luck and be strong!