Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One of the best & most honest campaign trail speeches ever

Ron Paul may have lost the 2012 New Hampshire primary but his message is resonating across America. I'm tired of hawk politicians and all the presidents in my life time have been war mongers. It's time for some peace.

Let me ask you, do you support this:

How can we teach our children to be peaceful when the powerful around us continue to inflict their policies and military might against us all on this earth. Many of us naively believed we left this deliberate destruction behind us after Viet Nam. We were duped then and we are being duped now. Some of us have awakened from our stupor but many have not. I do believe the 2012 presidential election is truly for the soul of this country. We cannot learn in freedom if there is no truth and no liberty in which to teach our own.

The public schools in this country have kept the masses stupid long enough. Get the children out. Get them out and teach them the truth. How much more truth than a baby's cry do you need?

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