Sunday, May 15, 2011

Is college putting you and your child in the poor house?

Gerald Celente is great (as always) in this documentary. Kudos to National Inflation Association for a job well done!

It's amazing to think I lived the college experience but fortunately for me I didn't go into debt nor did my parents for doing it. Granted I managed to go to college on the GI Bill but millions of young people go into hock these days to buy a college degree. A degree that doesn't guarantee employment or even an education of any value. Out of the five official years I spent on campus purchasing a degree my best college lessons were from only two professors. Of those two professors one was a commercial artist and the other was a theater director. Both pushed me to excel in whatever I chose to pursue simply because they saw I had the self-discipline, initiative and maturity to do so.

By the time I landed on campus I had already been in the US Army, traveled the country, had worked full time for several years and was much older than my classmates who were fresh out of high school. My upbringing may have played a role too since I grew up in the 1950's and 1960's with 10 siblings on a farm where we needed to be self-sufficient and industrious in order to survive.  Our grade school consisted of two rooms with grades 1-6, about 50 students total. Back then the only two teachers in that school made sure we learned reading, writing and arithmetic. We learned to socialize with other children on the 2 mile walk to and from school and on the playground during recess. When I got to high school much of what was 'taught' didn't make sense in the real world and seemed like useless information even back then.

When we decided to homeschool we made the conscious decision to pick and choose any formal courses our children might attend. ANY public school attendance was completely taken out of the equation. We were not about to give the public school system the slightest opportunity to take credit for even a fraction of our child's education. We proved public school was unnecessary and a waste of tax payer money. Community college was used but only as an alternative to high school and we paid out of pocket per class. College courses were highly focused and our children are not indebted to any bank, loan company or the taxpayers.

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