Friday, December 3, 2010

7 Valuable Homeschooling Tips from Homeschooling Q & A

Homeschooling Questions and Answers provides 7 Valuable Homeschooling Tips in this article. I must say I agree with much of what is written here because homeschooling is much more than reading, writing and arithmetic. The writer gives some good insight not only into homeschooling but also parenting.

"3. Having a good working relationship will help both of you to successfully pursue the educational goals that are set for your child. Poor communication skill, or a poor relationship with your child, apart from being unhealthy in itself, will also make the class environment difficult for both you and your child."

If you choose to homeschool you're in for the greatest adventure of a lifetime. You'll learn alongside your child while maintaining better control over your lives and liberties. Kudos to Homeschooling Q & A!

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