Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Plague of A Students

A Plague of A Students

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"America has made the mistake of letting the A student run things. It was A students who briefly took over the business world during the period of derivatives, credit swaps, and collateralized debt obligations. We’re still reeling from the effects. This is why good businessmen have always adhered to the maxim: “A students work for B students.” Or, as a businessman friend of mine put it, “B students work for C students—A students teach.”

Yes, that's all well and good but now we have the 'F' troop in the White House!

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Mrs. C said...

Sounds like a lot of anti-intellectual hooey in that article. I'm pretty cynical about this administration as well. Who knew it was unconstitutional to enforce the laws against illegal immigration in Arizona? So many wack things have been going on I just can't count them all.