Friday, April 8, 2011

Michael Ruppert's vision for the future of America and the world

Z-DAY L.A., 2011 from on Vimeo.

Is this news to you? If Michael is wrong we have little to worry about. If he's right you'd better buckle up because we're in for a bumpy ride. If what Michael says is true chances are homeschoolers won't miss much of a beat because we're already learning in freedom and can research what he's telling us. We don't need to wait for the mainstream media to spoon feed us information and we can prepare our families for what could possibly be a turbulent future. We can teach our children skills they will need without interference from the state run schools. Our families are better bonded because we don't spend our days running off in separate contrived directions controlled by the state.

Want more information on this subject? I've been adding links to my S.H.I.T. You Need To Know Facebook page where you can view more videos that will help you prepare for the possible coming chaos.  Feel free to join me and let your thoughts on this be known.

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