Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Robert Kiyosaki interviews with Alex Jones...a financial education...Part 3

Kiyosaki gives a run down of what is in his books during this interview but it's always nice to hear his voice giving expression and passion to his writings. He knows we're headed for a major financial crisis in this country and tells us we need to learn to take care of ourselves because the government isn't going to. Kiyosaki explains in this final part of the interview how financial education was taken out of the schools in order to train children how to work for the rich. We used Kiyosaki's books in our homeschool to teach financial literacy. Kiyosaki has two great books for youngsters too titled 'Rich Kid, Smart Kid' and 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad for Teens'. Wouldn't hurt to get copies for your unschooler.

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