Friday, May 7, 2010 - Tensions High at California High School Following Flag Flap - Tensions High at California High School Following Flag Flap

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"Police have been told to be on alert for gang-related retaliation against the boys, according to Ken Jones, whose stepson, Daniel Galli, was one of the students who refused to turn their T-shirts inside-out when asked by a vice principal on Wednesday."

Only in America! Are you the least bit curious why this we vs. them attitude keeps happening here in this country? Watch this video and you may have a better understanding. This is all being done on purpose to break down our society and the children are being used to accomplish this mission.

Have we finally arrived at a point where the American flag has been banned from public? Assistant Principal Miguel Rodriguez needs to be fired. He certainly has earned our Dork Award for his outrageous actions and his doofus decision to ban the American flag in his school even for just a day!

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Mrs. C said...

Some of the news reports make it sound like the boys purposefully wore their flag shirts to upset the Mexicans.


Actually, so happens that one of the parents of one of the boys is Hispanic and said guess what, it's his country and he is AMERICAN.


I agree this principal needs to be fired, but he is no dork. He's a racist IMO against these five boys because if the situation were reversed, I think we all know what would have happened.