Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Socialization myth gets debunked...again!

Even after homeschooling for over 22 years that ol' socialization monster still keeps rearing its ugly head. Here is the latest article and research debunking the socialization myth once again.

Michael Smith, president of HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) states in his article: "Since the re-emergence of the home-school movement in the late 1970s, critics of home-schooling have perpetuated two myths. The first concerns the ability of parents to adequately teach their own children at home; the second is whether home-schooled children will be well-adjusted socially."

The 're-emergence' is the key word here. For centuries parents taught their own. Public school teachers are nothing more than certified strangers who, with the help of union thugs, maintain a high level of job comfort and job security for themselves with little, if any, regard for the proper and useful education of children. Parents are simply going back to their roots after discovering that public schooling is nothing more than a system of lies, greed and propaganda.

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