Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm a vet...please don't spit on me!

I served my country proudly and with honor in the early 1970's, fresh out of high school and at the peak of the Viet Nam war. I cared for our soldiers and their dependents while working as a medic in our military hospitals. When I traveled the country back then I was told to wear civilian clothing and never wear my uniform through an airport. We, in the military, were harassed, spit on, called names and viewed as a war mongers back then. I was a simple farm girl, unaware of politics but proud of what America stood for. I believed in the land of the free and home of the brave. Now, this is all behind me...or is it?

These fools stood next to me at a Loyalty Day parade in 2007. They had no idea I was a veteran. Their comments and actions were hurtful. They were rude to the passing veterans and others in uniform. What hurt the most was their in-your-face presence meant to demean our military. When the aging WWII veterans passed by, these goons held their sign even higher to make sure the veterans saw it. Their only purpose was to bring shame to our military while drawing attention to themselves.

I found out later these left over hippies pop up every where they can with their signs in order to get media attention. What sort of people do this? Losers who have no life and crave attention, that's who. If they were truly concerned about the welfare of others then why would the guy holding the sign let his cigarette smoke blow into the faces of children within inches of him? I don't think he gave a rat's rump about anyone but himself.

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